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on Sunday, January 5, 2014

The net has developed and grew tremendously and has made our lives easy.  On the same time, it has also become one of the biggest place wherein you will have to exercise due caution in each and every step you take.
  • There are viruses out there trying to burn holes in your pocket and mind by destroying your data and your computer.  
  • There are malwares trying to extract information about you including but not limited to your credit card numbers and bank account numbers.
  • There are trojans sitting idle waiting for the call from their masters.

Free Anti-malware scannerThere are a number of good malware scanners in the market.  Malwarebytes is one of the best among them.  The reason for this article is that there exists a program which is free, which goes very low on your computer in terms of memory and CPU usage and yet incorporates 68 industry standard anti-malware scan engines free of cost.  It is called herdProtect.

We @ Computrix tried the software and it works beautifully.  The software is in its beta stage and hence, as per the website, they have not incorporated capability to remove the malware in the software.  However, a knowledge of who is hiding in your computer can be of great help when you have too much to protect.

Free Anti-malware scanner

Free Anti-malware scanner

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