Compress PDF for free

on Monday, December 30, 2013

Compression as we all know is the reduction of size of a file in order to save space and the time required to transmit it to others.

We often come across ebooks which have a very large size.  It is because of various features incorporated in the document, like high quality pictures.  Now if you want to send the file to one of your friend, what would you do if your email provider does not allow that big a file?  

Yes, you can break them into pieces using softwares like Winzip or WinRAR and send them.  Or you can use several web based programs which transfer big files.   But what if we are able to compress and send them without breaking it into pieces by using a tiny software which is free.

Free PDF Compressor is one such software which is free and it allows users to select the method to compress the pdf file.

Compress PDF for free

The interface is very simple.  You have a browse button for selecting the pdf file and you can also specify where to save the compressed file.

For checking the effectiveness of the software, we tried to compress a pdf file which was of the size of  121MB.
Compress PDF for free

The compression was carried out for the Screen-low resolution setting.  The software took a little more than four minutes to compress the file.  The size of the compressed file was unbelievably small 5 MB.
Compress PDF for free
The quality of the document was changed but was not that bad at all considering the amount of data that has been saved.

Here is a snip of a portion of the pdf before compression
Compress PDF for free

And here is the same portion after compression.
Compress PDF for free

We @ therefore recommends this software.  Its free folks.

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