Ged rid of spam mail and viruses using Free Disposable email

on Sunday, August 4, 2013

Every one of us require email services.  It may be for communicating with your friends, relatives and other persons around the world for commercial or business purposes.

There is yet another purpose for the email service; a very important purpose - to subscribe or to activate  certain services.  

Many companies give off their software or services for free for various reasons.  The common reason is to reap money through advertising emails send to your email address.  They would require you to sign up for their service using your email.  They would also ask you to accept their terms and conditions which would take a whole day to read and understand.  
free disposable email

What happens is that after you have given your valid email address for registration, majority of the companies, starts pouring in advertising emails from the company or its affiliates to your email address.  This can be really annoying at times.

This is where the comes handy.  

Mailinator is very different from other email service providers.  Nobody owns an address in Mailinator and hence there is no password attached.  You along with entire world can read whats in your email address. If you keep a real confusing names which others would not even imagine, things could be different.

You can use an address at to register for a service.   Adverts will never bother you at all.

So, this service can efficiently woo off spammers.  Another important thing is that all attachments like pictures, binary files etc are stripped off from the mails, making Mailinator address safe and free from viruses.

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