Boost your game performance with Game Booster

on Sunday, July 28, 2013

Game Booster is a free software which can be used to enhance the game performance of your system.

There are numerous system services, both necessary and unnecessary, running on the background, which eats up the performance of your system.  If you want to squeeze out that extra reserve from your system to enjoy superior game play, Game Booster is the answer.

The software stops all services selected by you prior to initialization of game.  On ending the game, the services are re-initialized for your PC's normal performance. 

Boost your game performance with Game Booster
The software comes bundled with a lot of freeware.  So exercise caution when you install it.  There is a SKIP button just left of the NEXT button.  And a few of them have check boxes, wherein you can just opt out installing it.

The software also needs an email verification.  You will have to verify your email before you can activate it.

Upon installation, the software will detect the games available in your computer.  If you don't see them listed, you can add them by clicking the ADD button.

If you click on Boost Settings button, you will be able to further fine-tune the software.

Boost your game performance with Game Booster
We checked the software and played "NFS", and it has indeed made a remarkable performance boost.

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