Protect your laptop and other devices from theft

on Sunday, April 7, 2013

Laptops and other devices are very prone to be stolen.  It is disheartening not only because of its cost or price but also because of the personal information it may contain.  Can we keep our devices secure for free with all premium features?  The answer is yes. 

Protect your laptop and other devices from theft

As I said, our devices contains several personal details which if falls in hands of another person can cause damage which can be unimaginable.  He might siphon out cash from your bank account, use your credit card, your personal contact details and emails to black mail you and worse, he can take your identity online.

We had been in search of a software which can track your devices and report on the event of its loss.  We at Computrix made a very detailed study of various softwares available in the market, even the paid ones.

Our recommendation of this software is not only because its free.  It is also because of its numerous features which match the paid ones.

Prey is an open-source protector for your PCs and smartphones.

The free version can track three devices, which is not that bad.  Some of its key features are follows :-

  • 100% Geo-Location Awareness
  • wi-fi autoconnect
  • Light
  • Take snapshots of the person who has stolen your device.
  • Grab a screenshot of an active section of the person.
  • Hide your Outlook or Thunderbird data.
  • No unauthorised access
  • Full auto updater
Pro plans have more attractive features.  If you are seriously into buying a software for protecting your devices, this software is the best bet for your money. 

After you have installed the software, you will have to login to the email address given on installation and activate your account.

If your device is found missing, you can login to your account  and mark the device as missing.  Apart from the report regarding location and snapshots, you can sound alarm, lock down the device, etc.  Depending upon the frequency of the report you have selected, you will get a report on your email.  Paid versions have the ability to request for immediate requests.

It is indeed very user friendly, has a numerous features and yet free.

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