Protect your USB drive from autorun viruses

on Saturday, February 9, 2013

Everyone of us might have come across autorun nuisance while using our USB drives. Viruses create autorun.inf files to execute hidden or other files which can activate or inject viruses and malwares into your computer. There are a number of softwares available in the internet with which we can remove or disable autorun.inf. We found the following program in the net and tested it and we are pretty impressed with it.

protect your usb drive from autorun viruses

The first thing one will notice about this small software is its simplicity and ease to use. There is absolutely no requirement of reading manuals or instructions to use this little piece of software. 

The operation is simple. Once you plug in your USB drive, the program tells you whether your USB is protected or not. If it is not. Then, simply click on the protect button and thats it. The drive is protected. If you are the administrator, then the program can do a lot more for you by enforcing stricter rules. If there exists an autorun file, the program warns you about it.

Last but not the least, this little program is portable and it means you can carry it around and there is no need of installation. 

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