How to change Logon Screen of Windows 7

on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Windows 7 has provided many controls to users to customise the appearance of the OS.  The only sad point is about the logon screen with which the OS welcomes its  users.

Though there is nothing bad with the picture, but we all get tired seeing the same picture everytime.  It is indeed true that a majority of us might have already thought about changing the picture.

How to change Logon Screen of Windows 7

There are various softwares which allows you to do the job.

Logon Screen by DanielNET and
Windows 7 Logon Screen tweaker are the simplest and easiest softwares.

However, it is possible for users to change the logon screen manually by editing Registry.  This functionality might have been left behind by the Microsoft to enable OEMs for further customisation.

So lets get started with the tweak.

Before editing you will have to select the image which is to be used as replacement.  The image must be lesser than 256 KB and will be stretched.  So if you have a bigger file, better edit it with Photoshop or other softwares.  Free services are available online too for the same.

The image will have to be renamed as backgroundDefault.jpg.  You will have to place this image to the following folder

If the folders are not present in your computer, create them.

Start the Windows Registry by entering regedit in the search bar.

Press F3 and search for OEMBackground

The key will be found at 
Double click it and change its value from 0 to 1.
Now you can create a new DWORD value called ButtonSet. You can configure the shadow by setting the value of the ButtonSet to 0 for Light Shadow, 1 for Dark Shadow and 2 for No Shadow.

I have compiled a video on how to do it.  Check it out.

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