Secure your home using a webcam for free

on Friday, October 26, 2012

Security is of prime importance to everyone of us and we want our things to be secured even when no one is around them.

You enjoy the feeling of freedom when you know that everything around you is safe and secure.  Have you ever thought of setting up a surveillance system using just your computer and the webcam?
Secure your home using a webcame for free

View Passwords hidden in asterisks

on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Everyone of us make our life too easy by letting the browsers to remember the username and password of our online accounts.

After a period of time, we tend to forget what the password was.  So the question is whether I can see what is behind that black dots in the password textbox or not?  Yes, You can.

I am now going to explain to you how to retrieve/view your passwords.  I am now using the gmail screen for that.

First, right click the password textbox and from the options click on Inspect Element(Q).

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