View Region Restricted Youtube videos

on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Youtube is an amazing and a very popular site which allows people around the world to exchange information by means of videos.  It has everything for everyone and it is big.  Yet sometimes, you want to see a certain video and Youtube displays a message that the video has been restricted in your region due to some reasons.
View Region Restricted Youtube videos
Freedom is all what we like.  So here is a little website that offers you freedom to view the videos you like.

ProxTube is a site which removes the restriction for us for free.  With  ProxTube installed, if you stumble across a video which is restricted in your country, ProxTube sprungs up in action and through its proxy server shows you the video.

ProxTube however, will not unblock videos which are blocked in the US.  It may be because of the reason that ProxTube's proxy servers are located in the US.

ProxTube is available as Firefox and Chrome plugins.  

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