Convert your PDF into Page Flip Flash books

on Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is it cool to read ebooks like we read the real books; flipping page by page?  Codebox offers a free service of converting your pdf into flash powered flip pages.  
Convert pdf to Page flip flash books

It is cool and easy to use.  You just need to attach your pdf and after the conversion it is a cool and easy to read.

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Online Photo Editor

on Monday, September 24, 2012

As a blogger, I always need photos to be edited before it is published.  I have a number of photo editing softwares bundled along with my OS.    Those softwares require one to have a minimum level of expertise to work on to get optimum results.

Online Photo Editor, I was thinking, would have much lesser options than the ones available with my OS.  After having found Phixr, I am always using their service for editing photos.

Online Photo Editor
Their interface is simple and very user friendly.  You can upload your photo and the canvas is yours.  There are quite a number of options available.  You can crop it, rotate it, spread your canvas a bit more larger, add special effects, put your text on it and lot more.

Watch over your Wireless Network

on Saturday, September 15, 2012

We always equate wireless with freedom.  While there are a lot of advantages over the wired network, the wireless network does certainly have some disadvantages.  First and the foremost among them is the un-authorised intruders into your network.

As the networks are becoming less dependent on wires, it is essential for us to monitor, who is actually using our network.

Watch over your wireless network
Wireless Network Watcher is a tool which allows you to scan your wireless network and displays the list of computers and other devices that are connected to it.  It shows their names, IP address, MAC Address, Network Adapter Company and information about the device.

There is a provision to export the list to html/xml/csv/text file for later use.  

Create disposable Webpages for free

on Friday, September 7, 2012

Web is for everyone, so there should be a space for each one of us to express ourselves to the world.  
Buying a domain and creating a space for your expressions, can be a little costly.  So here it is, a disposable webpage which stays alive for a few days. is a site which allows users to create disposable webpages and keeps it alive for 90 days.

View Region Restricted Youtube videos

on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Youtube is an amazing and a very popular site which allows people around the world to exchange information by means of videos.  It has everything for everyone and it is big.  Yet sometimes, you want to see a certain video and Youtube displays a message that the video has been restricted in your region due to some reasons.
View Region Restricted Youtube videos
Freedom is all what we like.  So here is a little website that offers you freedom to view the videos you like.

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