Tracking your lost mobile

on Monday, August 20, 2012

How to track your lost mobile

It is indeed painful to lose your mobile, whether it is an ordinary phone or a costly smartphone.  The phone carries a lot of information about you and people around you, which can be manipulated by others to their advantage.  The amount of information stored are much more in the new generation smart phones.  While the police authorities can track your mobiles using the IMEI number, it is a fact that not more than 10% people get them back that way.  There can be many reasons for that. Tracking your lost mobile is therefore pretty tiresome and almost impossible.

There are a lot of apps available in the market to protect your device when its lost.  I will cover that topic later.

I have been thinking about how to help people in this regard and I came up with a small idea of letting people enter the details of their lost as well as found mobiles.  Alternatively, based on those details, I am working on how to make the database a searchable one, so that a person wishes to search whether the phone he is about to buy has been reported stolen or missing can just enter the IMEI number and get the answer.  I, being not a programming guy, am taking a bit of time on that.  If any one of you can help me in this regard, it would be too cool.

Here is the site which I have compiled using the google spreadsheets.  I request all those who have lost their mobiles register in the site, so that it can be really useful to the general public as well as you.  I also request you to spread the word about this so that the database gets pretty big to reflect the real statistics.

Please visit the site by clicking here.

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