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on Saturday, August 25, 2012

Internet is a very vast library of information.  You have access to millions and millions of pages of information about virtually anything.  Reading each and every article may not be possible due to many reasons mainly due to time constraint.  

This is where this website comes to help.  You can save the article in PDF format and keep it with you for reading at a later date.   The service is free and fast.  The site gives you various options for saving the file.  You can directly download it, have it send to your email address, your google docs account or even can be shared using facebook and twitter.  All you need is to copy the URL and paste it to the site and click on a button.

We @ Computrix love the website and have decided to incorporate it inwebsite.  So from now onwards, you can keep a copy of any article in this website in pdf format and even mail that to your friends.

Click here to go to Joliprint

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