Share your Screen online without any software

on Saturday, July 28, 2012

Have you ever imagined to share your computer screen to another person using just a web browser?  That is what is being provided free by

Screenleap is a free website which allows you to share your computer screen by using nothing but a web browser.  No softwares, no installations and no updates.  All you need is a computer with Java installed.

The website can be used to share your devises including tabs and smartphones.  No sign up is required.  There is indeed a very small delay and it does depend on the internet speeds.

As per the website, Google chrome is the best browser to use the service since it has a fast Javascript interpreter.

A user can create an account or handle and the handle can be forwarded to his/her friends and can even be bookmarked for further recurring uses.

When you create an account, the login page has two options, single-use screen sharing and Broadcast my screen session.  The broadcast my screen session can be a little troublesome, since anyone can see your screen.

The following can be some of the numerous applications of the website.
  • Screen sharing between co-workers intending to create a presentation/project.
  • Remote troubleshooting.
  • Sharing your photos.
  • Browsing your personal Facebook/social media account together with your friend.
  • Personal broadcasting.
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