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on Sunday, June 24, 2012

If you have a file which you want to sent to someone and you dont want to mail him or the file is of a bigger size than that is allowed by your email provider, you are really stuck.  But yes, you can do it.

PipeBytes is a free service which does exactly that.  It allows you to send your files whether its movies, documents or presentations to anyone with out any limit to its size.  The speed limitation is 5 Mbps unless you have purchased a Speedpass, which can get you upto 30Mbps.  But for an ordinary user 5 Mbps is just too good. 

All major browsers and operating systems are supported by the website.  The website does not retain any personal information.  If you are too worried about that, you can encrypt your files and then send it.

To send your file, just browse the file which you want to sent and type in if you want to send any message along with it.  

You can either choose to have a URL or a code to retrieve the document.  

Now send the URL or the code to the person whom you want to transfer the file.

The person on the other side can either browse the URL or go to PipeBytes and enter the Code and download the file.

Click here to go to PipeBytes

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