Read ebooks easilly with Dripread

on Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We are all very busy and most of us even do not get time to finish a book (particularly if its a little big) in one go.  Here is where Dripread comes to help.

Dripread is a site which sends you small amount of information from the ebook you want to read everyday.  It is free to use.  You just need to register and give your email address for it.  

While there are a number of ebooks available at the website itself, if you have your own ebook, you can upload it to the site and the site will feed you the book in daily installments.  Presently, the site does support only EPub format.  But there is nothing to worry, as there are plenty of free software available in the internet for the conversion.  Calibre is a software which has been recommended by the site for the conversion.

Click here to go to Dripread site

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