Protect your USB drive with USBDummyProtect

on Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All of us have USB drives.  We keep our valuable data, especially the one which we need frequently or the one we think is very important.  So, there is no need to mention how important is the protection of our USB drives.

protect your usb drive

USBDummyProtect is a freeware which does the same thing - Provides protection to your USB drive.

Once copied into your USB drive and  run the program, it fills up the remaining space in your drive.  Suppose you have a       4 GB pen drive and you have a small file in it and you want to put your drive in a computer which you know is definitely affected by viruses.  You just run the USBDummyProtect and it will make a dummy file and consume all the remaining space in the drive.  Now, since the drive is full, no viruses can copy itself into it.  When you bring back your drive, you can again run the USBDummyProtect and it will clear the dummy file and make room for you.

While this program gives you protection from many viruses, it cannot be used as an alternative of an antivirus.

The program is free and is very small too; just 12 KB.  You can download USBDummyProtect from here.

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