Internet and Security : Privacy concerns

on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Majority of the websites keep track of internet users, their behaviours, search patterns and many more.  Google, AOL and Yahoo are also trying their level best to track your activities online.   These websites are very much aware of your search history, your problems or worries, your IP address, the model of your computer and even more. 

Most of these websites use cookies to track your browsing data.  The majority of  internet users are not aware of this intrusion into their privacy.

Cookienator is a small program which can help you protect your privacy in the internet.  On startup, it reports the tracking cookies are found in your computer.  It is capable of searching cookies found in most of the modern day browsers.  

Another important feature of the Cookienator is its ability to clear Flash cookies.  Flash cookies, are in fact,  the latest method of tracking your activities.  These cookies are difficult to locate and can save a lot more information than what http cookies are capable of.

Cookienator is very light and is intelligent enough to differentiate between good and the "evil" cookies and  it deletes only those cookies which are bad for you.  Other cookies which are legitimate are kept untouched.  

Another feature of this amazing little software is that it is light weight.  It does not run continuously in your computer, eating up your precious computing power.  It can be made to check for cookies periodically.  And even then, it briefly runs in your computer.

Click here to download Cookienator

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