20 Things I learned about Browsers and the Web by Google Chrome Team

on Friday, December 24, 2010

I just came across a nice little website which has been compiled by the Google Chrome Team.  Its content is clear from its heading.  Its about complex things of the modern day internet explained in simple and straightforward words. 
20 things i learned about browsers and web

The website is in the form of a book.  Its written in Flash and pages are flipped as if you are reading a book. 

It is very simple and easy to comprehend.  I think everyone of us should read it to make ourselves more aware of the digital world in which we live.

The topics include
  • What is internet?
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Apps
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more
  • HTML5
  • 3D in the Browser
  • A Browser Madrigal
  • Plugins
  • Browser Extensions
  • Synchronizing the Browser
  • Browser Cookies
  • Browser Privacy
  • Malware, Phishing and Security Risks
  • How modern Browsers help you from Malware and Phishing
  • Using Web Addresses to stay safe
  • IP Addresses and DNS
  • Validating Identities Online
  • Evolving to a faster Web
  • Open Source and Browsers
  • 19 Things Later

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