How to Delete an "Undeletable" File

on Saturday, November 20, 2010

Very often we come across some files which we find are undeletable.  System will simply not allow you to delete them, no matter you are in the normal or the safe mode.  This situation is very common now a days and is mostly due to virus activities.

Delete and undeletable file

Here is where the freeware LockHunter comes to our help.  LockHunter enables us to unlock, delete, rename and copy a locked folder or file.

The features of this freeware are:-

Displays the process/processes locking a file/folder.
It allows you to unlock, delete, rename or copy the file/folder.
It allows you to remove the locking processes from the hard disk.
It can integrate into the Windows Explorer.
The software puts the folders/files you delete in the Recycle Bin, so that you restore them, if you have deleted a wrong file.
Support for both 32 and 64 bit Windows.

Click here to go to LockHunter's website

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