VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Spyware and URL Scanner

on Sunday, October 10, 2010 is a free web based service which scans your files for viruses and spywares/malwares in realtime.  It can scan URLs too.

The main characteristics of this site is as follows:-

(a)   It uses 40 best anti viruses in the world to scan the files.  The top names include the following

      Trend Micro

(b)   The site has updates its virus signatures and databases in realtime.

(c)   After having scanned your file/URL, a detailed analysis report from each anti-virus is provided to you.

(d)   Apart from this, it also uses a number of file characterization tools such as PEiD, pifile, TRiD, PDFiD.

(e)   The service has a limit of 20 MB for the files to be checked.

     The website has launched a Firefox Addon named VTzilla which is also capable of scanning your files before you can securely save it in your computer.  You can scan links from your email too using the Addon.  The Addon can be downloaded from here.  

     After having said all this, I should say that this site is not a substitute for anti virus.  You need to have an efficient anti virus to protect your computer and data.  This service can be used for scanning suspicious files.

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