How to Download Flash Games from Websites

on Friday, October 15, 2010

There are numerous sites in the internet which provides flash games to play.  The only disadvantage is that everytime you feel like playing your favourite flash game, you will have to connect to the internet and log in to the site and start playing.

What if we could download the flash games and save them in our computer so that we can play them over and again without requiring an internet access.

I have been checking this method for some time.  It works for most of the sites except for some flash files.

You will have to have Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer.

Log in to the flash site and select the game to play.  Remember, you will have to wait till the game is loaded.

Right click on the page, just outside the flash screen, you will get the "View Page Info" option.  (You can also get the option from Firefox's "Tools" menu and selecting "PageInfo")  Select the option and then select "Media" tab.

Now you can see different multimedia files which are running on the site.

Scroll down to see a file with "Embed" written against it.  Select it and click on the "Save As" button.

There, you have the flash file and whenever you want to play, open it with a browser and start playing.

Happy Gaming.

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