10 ways to save your Laptop battery life

on Saturday, October 2, 2010

1.   Adjust Power Settings.  Power settings can be adjusted so that your laptop consumes less power.  The settings can be accessed by typing "powercfg.cpl" (without quotes) in the Run Dialog box.

2.   Adjust Brightness.   Brightness of the screen can be decreased so that less energy is consumed by the LCD.

3.   Disable unwanted services.  Unwanted services, for example, Bluetooth, WiFi should be kept disabled.

4.   External devices.  Minimize the usage of external devices like external mouse, external hard drive, usb drive etc.

5.   Turn off the sound.  Turn off the speakers, if you don't need them.

6.   Remove CD/DVDs.  Don't keep CDs/DVDs in the drive when you don't use them.

7.   Upgrade RAM.  Adding in RAM will reduce the use of virtual memory, so that the use of virtual memory is minimized.

8.   Lower the graphics.  Lowering the graphics quality can minimize the amount of power consumed.

9.   Shut down.   Shut down your laptop when you do not use it.

10.  Clean your battery.  Take proper care of your battery.  Clean the leads with alcohol and soft cloth.

Note:  You should never run your laptop's battery to zero.  The life time of Lithium Ion batteries can actually decrease by doing so.

There are so many softwares which can improve your laptop's battery life by tweaking the system settings for you.

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