How to cleanup unused startup entries in MSCONFIG

on Saturday, September 18, 2010

MSConfig (Microsoft System Configuration Utility) is a tool used to troubleshoot the Windows startup process.  Windows will not load files which are unchecked in the Startup tab of MSConfig while booting the computer.  After having all these features, the utility lacks option to delete unused startup entries.  The files you have selected or unchecked will always show up along other entries.  To remove these unnecessary entries you will have to edit the Registry.  

Always back up registry before you edit it.  Registry editing should be done with due care.

1.  Open Registry Editor by typing "regedit" (without quotes) in the run dialog box.

2.  Go to the following location :-
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig

3.  You will find two subkeys by the name of "Startupfolder" and "Startupreg" in the location.

4.  Compare the files with the msconfig and delete the values stored under this subkeys.  Make sure that you don't delete the "Startupfolder" and "Starupreg", but the values inside it.

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