Top 5 Free File Erasing Softwares

on Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here is a small list of free tools available in the internet for securely deleting files.   The secure deletion means re-writing the file which you want to delete several times and then deleting it, so that no recovery software can recover your sensitive data.  The list is arranged as per the popularity and the ease to use.

(a)   Eraser.  This is the best tools in terms of popularity and the ease to use.  This tool removes the files/folders securely by overwriting them many times.  You can opt for Gutman, USDoD and many other patterns for securely deleting your files.  You can drag and drop your files in to the tool.  Moreover, the windows explorer right-click extension is also available to you.  You can also schedule its operation.

Download Eraser here

(b)   Freeraser.  Yet another tool for securely delete your sensitive files/information.  This software functions at three levels viz, Fast, Forced and Ultimate.  The Fast option does a 1 round filling of random data while Forced and Ultimate uses the USDoD and Gutman patterns respectively.

Download Freeraser here

(c)   File Shredder.  File Shredder, is again, a free file shredding tool which is again known for its easy to use interface.  The program has five different algorithms each one stronger than the previous one. 

Download File Shredder here

(d)   SDelete.  SDelete is a command line utility and is very powerful.  SDelete overwrites the filename of the file you intend to delete 26 times; each time replacing with successive alphabetical character.

Download SDelete here

(e)   Darik's Boot and Nuke.  This utility is intended to wipe clean hard disks.  This is a self-contained boot-disk.  This is the best option if you intend to sell your computer or hard disk, so that you can  wipe out your personal information from it.  The iso image will have to be burned into a CD and you will have to boot your computer from it.

Download Darik's Boot and Nuke here

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