Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images, Web Pages and other files to PDF

on Sunday, April 18, 2010

FreepdfConvert is a site which allows you convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images, and many other file formats to PDF format for free. Following is the list of supported file formats:-

CSV    Comma-separated values file
DCX    ZSoft IBM PC multi-page Paintbrush file
DIB     MS Windows Device Independent Bitmap
EMF    Enhanced Metafile
FPX     FlashPix Format
GIF87 CompuServe graphics interchange format ver 87
JP2 JPEG-2000 JP2 File Format Syntax
MIFF   Magick image file format
BMP    MS Windows/OS2 Bitmap image file
DOC    Microsoft Word 1997-2003
DOCX Microsoft Word
DOT    Microsoft Word Template
EPS     EPS File
FAX    Group 3 FAX encoding
GIF     CompuServe graphics interchange format
HTM   Web page
HTML Web page
ICO MS Windows/OS2 Icons
JNT Windows Journal Note
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
LOG Log file
LWP Lotus Word Pro Document
MDI Microsoft Office Document Imaging File
MHT Web archive
MPP Microsoft Project file
MPT Microsoft Project file
ODF OpenDocument Formula
ODG OpenDocument Drawing
ODP OpenDocument Presentation
ODS OpenDocument Spreadsheet
ODT OpenDocument Text
PCX PC PaintBrush
PNG Portable Network Graphics
PPS Microsoft PowerPoint Show 1997-2003
PPSX Microsoft PowerPoint Show
PPT Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation 1997-2003
PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
PRN Print to file
PS Adobe PostScript
PSD Adobe Photoshop
PUB Microsoft Publisher
RTF Microsoft Rich Text
SAM Lotus Word Pro Document
SNP Microsoft SnapShot File
SXW OpenOffice 1.0 Text
TIF Tagged Interchange File Format
TIFF Tagged Interchange File Format
VSD Visio Drawing
WK1 Lotus 1-2-3
WK3 Lotus 1-2-3
WK4 Lotus 1-2-3
WLS 602Tab document
WMF Windows Meta File
WPD 602Text document
WPS Microsoft Works
WPT Microsoft Works
WPT 602Text document template
WQ1 Corel QuattroPro
WRI Microsoft Windows Write
XLR Microsoft Works Spreadsheet
XLS Microsoft Excel 1997-2003
XLSX Microsoft Excel
XLT Microsoft Excel 1997-2003 Template
XLTX Microsoft Excel Template
ZIP ZIP archive

The site offers conversion from pdf to other formats too. This option requires you to be a member of the site by paying.

Thanks to Tomas for telling me about this great site

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