Remove GoogleUpdate.exe

on Monday, March 29, 2010

Have you noticed a process called GoogleUpdate.exe running silently on your computer?

This process is from Google products like Google Earth, Google Chrome etc.  The file tries continuously to access internet without your consent and try to update its product.   There exists no option to disable it too.  This process may still be alive even after the parent program has been uninstalled.

How to stop the process.

The file's activity can be stopped by firewall based programs like ZoneAlarm etc.  

How to remove the process.
(a)   To remove GoogleUpdate.exe, first search for all its instance in your local drive and delete them. You may keep a copy of them at some place, so that if emergency comes you can still replace those files.  

Deleting GoogleUpdate.exe may sometimes have some impact on parent program.  So, better backup.

(b)   Open System Configuration Utility by typing "msconfig" (without quotes) in the Run dialog box.  Browse to the Startup tab, uncheck the GoogleUpdate.exe in it.

(c)   Alternatively, go to the Registry Editor and browse to the following location
And if you find GoogleUpdate.exe in the right hand pane, delete it.

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