Convert any webpage into pdf for free

on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 is a site where in you can submit the URL of which you want a copy in pdf format.  It generates pdf of any website.  The service is free and the pdf is of good quality. 

Remove GoogleUpdate.exe

on Monday, March 29, 2010

Have you noticed a process called GoogleUpdate.exe running silently on your computer?

This process is from Google products like Google Earth, Google Chrome etc.  The file tries continuously to access internet without your consent and try to update its product.   There exists no option to disable it too.  This process may still be alive even after the parent program has been uninstalled.

How to stop the process.

The file's activity can be stopped by firewall based programs like ZoneAlarm etc.  

How to remove the process.
(a)   To remove GoogleUpdate.exe, first search for all its instance in your local drive and delete them. You may keep a copy of them at some place, so that if emergency comes you can still replace those files.  

Contents of the blog

on Wednesday, March 24, 2010


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22.    Protect your USB drive from Trojan/Viruses
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24.    Google Search Tips
25.    Create PDF using Microsoft Office 2007
26.    Create your own font.
27.    Simplest way to check whether your SMPS is working
28.    Be away from harmful sites with WOT
29.    Software to record any sound from your PC
30.    Mozilla Addon for speeding up Non-broadband connection
31.    Record your online activities for free.
32.    Convert docx to doc online
33.    Print Web Pages with ease
34.    Safely Remove your USB drive !
35.    Windows 7
36.    Skype Call Recorder
37.    FlashBlock : Another great firefox addon
38.    Broadband Scheduler
39.    Enhance your power of Googling with GoogleEnhancer
40.    Watch Videos in ScreenSaver
41.    Faster Shutdown for you Computer
42.    SkipScreen : Bypass Waiting Time in Rapidshare/ZShare/Megaupload
43.    Lockerz - Another great site
44.    How to download videos from Youtube
45.    Corrupted Files in Windows XP
46.    Some Quick Shortcuts
47.    Windows Antivirus Pro
48.    Improve your Internet speed
49.    Save ink with Ecofont
50.    Remove GoogleUpdate.exe 
51.   Convert any webpage into pdf for free
52.   Convert Shortened URL to its Original URL
53.   Download YouTube videos without using softwares
54.   How to easily switch between Google and Bing
55.   Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, web pages, images and other files to pdf
56.   Convert shortened URL into its original URL.
57.   Complete set of IP tools for everyone
58.   Recover saved Firefox Usernames and Passwords
59.   Speed up Windows XP by disabling unwanted services
60.   Print/Edit contents of a Directory/Folder 
61.   Password Recovery Tool for Windows
62.   Search pictures of people for free
63.   How to remove SICHOST.exe
64.  10 ways to save your Laptop battery life
65.  VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Spyware and URL Scanner
66.  Check the strength of your Password at HowSecureIsMyPassword
67.  Backup and Restore all Drivers installed on your Computer for Free



1.     Microsoft Windows Game tricks
2.    Create Matrix effect in your Computer using Batch file.
3.    Find Product Key of Microsoft Windows & Office family products
4.    Modify Add/Remove list : Windows 7 & Windows XP
5.    Make older addons compatible with Firefox
6.    Make your Windows Shutdown faster
7.    Windows 7 God Mode
8.    Remove password protection from PDF files
9.    Stop Google from keeping track on links you are visiting in Search Results
10.    Copy audio files from your ipod
11.    Fake Magazine covers to surprise your friends
12.    Google Easter Egg
13.    Fasten Up your PC with a Pen Drive
14.    Add Photo to My Computer Properties
15.    Christmas Time - Let your Keyboard lights celebrate too
16.    Remove Genuine Windows Advantage (WGA Notification)
17.    Recover all your Google Passwords
18.    Be the most powerful user in Windows - The System
19.    Hide the drives in My Computer
20.    Change/Hide your IP address
21.    Automate deletion of Temp files in Vista
22.    GMail Drive
23.    Recover bookmarks from crashed Firefox
24.    Ophcrack - Windows Password Cracker
25.    Disable Balloon tips
26.    Delete any files and folders
27.    How to grab Audio files from various streaming sites
28.    Delete all files in a folder quickly
29.    Delete Recycle Bin
30.    Remove shortcut arrows from Desktop icons
31.    Extracting images from pdf files
32.    Edit "Send To" Menu in WIndows XP
33.    Trouble with the Right click menu
34.    Increase Recording time of Windows Sound Recorder
35.    Change the Default location of My Documents
36.    Find Invisible friends : Yahoo Messenger
37.    Watch Network Cameras online via Google
38.    Easter Egg : Car game in MS Excel
39.    Freecell - Win Instantly
40.    Scandisk and Improper Shutdown
41.    Disable the Low Hard disk space warning
42.    Hidden User Accounts
43.    Control the files loading at Windows Startup
44.    Hiding your Folders : A different approach
45.    Bypass Windows Login prompt for password
46.    Show Hidden Files
47.    Renaming the Recycle bin
48.    YouTube videos in your Power Point presentations
49.    How to Remove Admin Password
50.    Resource Hacker
51.    Want to know how many hours your machine had been running?
52.    Disable Regedit
53.    Disable Recent Documents History
54.    Change Internet Explorer Title Name
55.    Menus loading faster
56.    Disable USB drives
57.    Disable the CD Autorun
58.    Remove Run from the Start Menu
59.    Remove Find from your Start Menu
60.    The Great Renaming Challenge
61.    USB Drive usage in your Computer
62.    Multiple Home Page in Firefox
63.    Send Anonymous Mails
64.    Make Adobe Reader Load Faster
65.    Hack Folder Lock Password
66.    How to cleanup unused startup entries in MSCONFIG
67.    Play YouTube videos from a specific time
68.    How to Download Flash Games from Websites
69.    How to avoid Product Activation again on reinstallation of Windows XP

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