Simple Automatic Shutdown Timer for Windows.

on Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here is a way to create a simple automatic shutdown timer for Windows.  This is basically a batch program which lets user input the time in seconds to shutdown.

The program asks user to input the time in seconds after which the computer is required to be shut down.  This is particularly useful if you need to give your child the permission to use computer or internet for a fixed time.

This is how we do it.

1.   Open notepad and paste the following in to it

@echo off
set /P M=Enter the time in seconds and press Enter
shutdown.exe -s -f -t %M% -c "Shutdown Timer by Kepler Manuel"
Alternatively you can download the file from here.The file size is just 129 bytes.

2.   Save the file as .bat file using the "Save As" option.  Remember to change the "Save As Type" to "All Files" in the save dialog box.

Caution : Once activated, the shutdown cannot be stopped.  Moreover, any unsaved changes will be lost. 

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