Copy audio files from your ipod

on Monday, January 4, 2010

Apple ipod is a really amazing audio player.  With its excellent sound quality, everyone who listens would fall in love with it.

Apple provides iTunes for importing audio files from your computer to the ipod.  iTunes does not have the option to retrieve audio files from ipod to PC.  Apple must have done this to protect copyrighted songs.

You can easily copy the contents of ipod to computer through the following steps.

1.   Connect your ipod to the USB port and switch it on.

2.   Make sure its recognised and is available in "My Computers".

3.   Once you see your ipod in My Computer, double click it to open.  You may see nothing.  Its because ipod has kept all its files hidden.  If you can see a folder named iPod_Control, its good.  If the folder is not visible, then go to Tools->Folder Options->View and enable "Show hidden files and folders".

4.   Open iPod_Control folder, you can see many folders with meaningless names.  When you open them, you can see your audio files.  But the names of the files will have been scrambled.  To reveal the tags, you can play these files with Windows Media Player.

5.   Rename the files, if necessary and store them in PC.

Note: If you have installed iTunes and if its prompt a message whether you’d like to associate this iPod with this computer and delete its content, click No.

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