Remove Genuine Windows Advantage (WGA Notification)

on Thursday, December 17, 2009

A file named wgatray.exe runs on your background to check whether your copy of Windows OS is genuine or not.  If you have installed a pirated OS or if you have entered a Serial Number which belongs to someone else, it detects it and flashes a screen on the right hand bottom of your page.  This can be very nagging because whatever you do, the little irritant continues to occupy your valuable screen area.

As I said earlier, killing wgatray.exe from the processes can temporarily remove this nagging screen.  But let me tell you that by doing this, you are skipping yourself valuable updates and patches from Microsoft.

If you make up your mind, you can change the Serial Number of your Windows OS by using a program called Windows Product Key Update tool which can be downloaded from Microsoft's website.

There are ways to permanently remove the glitch. Let me tell you the Registry edits for this.

1.   Boot in safe mode by pressing F8 on boot up.
2.   Select Safe mode (not with networking and not with command prompt).
3.   Go to Registry editor by typing "regedit" (without quotes) in Run Menu.
4.   Search for wgatray.exe and delete all the occurrences of it.
5.   Search for wgalogon and again delete all the occurrences.
6.   Lastly search for LegitCheckControl.dll and delete all the occurrences.
7.   Reboot and you will be clear from the Genuine Windows Advantage notification.

Please note that Registry editing involves a great amount of risk.  If you do not do properly, your system will crash.  Again, as usual, this post is basically aimed at educating people.  I shall not be held responsible for any problems arising.

Many websites claim that they have crack for Windows Activation.  But I think you should never go for such offers, since they can be dangerous. 

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