Recover all your Google Passwords

on Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If you have stored your passwords when the browser had prompted you, you can recover all the Google passwords including GTalk, Picassa etc with a software.  The password  you thus saved are encrypted and is saved for future use.

GooglePasswordDecryptor is a software which comes to your help when you forget your password. The applications supported by this software are :-
  1. Google Talk
  2. Google Picassa
  3. Google Desktop Seach
  4. Gmail Notifier
  5. Internet Explorer (all versions from 4 to 8)
  6. Google Chrome
 The software goes through each of these application’s encrypted stores and decrypts this Google account password.  It can also show information about multiple accounts, if you have more than one account.  You can save the recovered usernames and passwords in plain text format or in html format.

Launch the software and click on Start Recovery to recover your lost passwords. 

You may ask that when Google's password recovery service is available, why should you be trying this software.  Google's service will only help you if you have another Google account, so that your password can be sent to that account.

This software recovers passwords for the logged on user only.

While this software helps in easing our day to day internet jobs, this can also be made to recover passwords which are not yours.  So do use this at your own discretion.  Neither the author nor me shall be held responsible for the illegal use of the software.

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