Hide the drives in My Computer

on Sunday, December 6, 2009

 Ah! At last I have found a little time for my favourite subject - Registry editing again.  Let me tell you about hiding all the drives in My Computers with a Registry edit.

1.  Go to Start ->Run->type regedit to open the Registry editor.
2.  Find the following key
3.  Right click on the panel on the right side of Registry Editor and create a DWORD item and name it "NoDrives" (without quotes).

4.  Now modify the data and assign it a value of 3FFFFFF(hexadecimal).
5.  Restart your computer.

Now if you want to show the drives, delete the above key - NoDrives.

Note :- Even if the drives are hidden you can make a path towards it, if you want.  Make a shortcut and type the path of the drive you want to connect with.

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