Fasten Up your PC with a Pen Drive

on Friday, January 1, 2010

If you have an USB drive (of 1-2GB capacity) and you seldom use it, you can use it to speed up your computer.  This is done by changing the Virtual memory settings.

1.   Right click "My Computer" and select Properties.  In the "Advanced" tab, click on "Settings" under "Performance".

2.   In the Performance Options, select the "Advanced" tab and click on Change button under Virtual memory.

3.   The Virtual Memory box pops up.  Select the drive letter asssigned to the USB Drive and assign the whole space to virtual memory by clicking "Set" and then assigning the size (When you select the drive, Windows will display the amount of free space available at the drive.  Enter the full size in the Maximum Size.  You can keep the Initial Size a little less than the Maximum Size.  Do check the previous allocation and select a value greater than the previous value for the Initial Size") and click "OK".

Note :  You can improve your computer's performance by changing the size of Virtual Memory also.  It is better to allocate Virtual Memory in a different logical drive than in the drive in which your OS is installed.

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