Change/Hide your IP address

on Saturday, December 5, 2009

The method of changing your IP address depends on the nature of your IP address, i.e. whether your IP address is static or dynamic.

Static IP means that your IP address will be just yours and there is no one in the world with the address other than you.

Dynamic IP means that your IP address is allotted by a DHCP server.  Since the addresses are limited in IPv4, more Internet Service Providers (if not all) provides these types of service.

Now if you have a Dynamic IP, it is easy to have a new IP address with the following DOS commands.
1.   Go to Start->Run and then type cmd in the box and press enter.  You would be taken to the DOS prompt.

2.   Enter "ipconfig/release" (without quotes) and press enter.  This releases the Dynamic IP address assigned to you.
3.   Enter "ipconfig/renew" (without quotes) and press enter.  This gives you another Dynamic IP address.

Computers in a DHCP network renews the IP address automatically (but not always).  So it is better to enter the renew command after the release.

This is very useful when you are downloading certain files from file sharing sites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload etc.  They have limits in terms of downloads available in terms of numbers/size/hour for each IP address.  If you renew your IP address after each download, these sites cannot keep a track and you can have any amout of files downloaded one after the other.

Now if you are having Static IP address, you will have to opt for Proxy servers.  These are servers (many free proxy servers are available on the net) which hides your IP from other servers/sites.

When I say hides, it is not really hidden.  The Proxy servers are required to keep the data of IP addresses linked to them.  But you still can access the sites which banned your IP address.

Alternatively you can use the free softwares for hiding your IP address too.

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