Be the most powerful user in Windows - The System

on Sunday, December 13, 2009

Many of us have probably thought that the Administrators are the most powerful users in the Windows Operating System.  We were wrong.  There is a user named "System" which has more powers than the Administrators.

Administrators are unable to end certain system processes, but System can kill all processes.  This can be seen from the processes tab in the Task Manager; wherein the username of many system processes is "SYSTEM".

Even if you have a guest account, I think if you are able to get two things i.e. Command prompt and Task Manager, you can hack into becoming a SYSTEM user.

Please note that this is purely for the purpose of education.  This should not be tried on any computer where you are not given permission to do so.  And, while I say, it works perfectly fine; I wont take any responsibility of any loss of data occurring as a result of experimenting with this.

Enough of frightening.  Let us move on.

1.   First check about the status of your account - the one with which you have logged in.  This can be done by clicking the start button.  You can see the name of the user account in the Start menu.

2.   Go to Start->Run and enter "cmd" (without quotes) to get the Command prompt.

3.   In the Command prompt enter the following line as it is
at 07:20 /interactive "cmd.exe"

Please note that the 07:20 is the time in 24 hour format.  Make sure that you are typing in time say two or three minutes ahead of the current system time.  In this case, the command schedules a job of running cmd.exe at 07:20.

4.   At 07:20, the Command prompt pops up; please note that the title of the command prompt has changed to svchost.exe from cmd.exe

5.   Now we will have to activate Task Manager, by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Del keys.  When the Task manager comes up, go to the processes tab and end task Explorer.exe by selecting it and clicking on end task button.
6.   Now you can close the first command prompt, titled cmd.exe.
7.   Now go the second command prompt title svchost.exe and type "explorer.exe" (without quotes) and press enter.

8.   You have a new desktop for you and now you can check your username by clicking on the start menu - It has changed to "System".  Now you are the most powerful user.  Happy access.

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