Add Photo to My Computer Properties

on Sunday, December 27, 2009

It is easy to change the OEM information and the picture in the My Computers -> Properties.  This is how we do it.

To change OEM information.

1.  Open notepad and copy the following into it.

Manufacturer=Any Content you like
[Support Information]
Line1=Any content you like
Line2=Any content you like
Line3=Any content you like
[You can type in anything after = sign]

Youtube launches URL shortener

on Friday, December 25, 2009

Google has launched URL shortener for youtube video links and has named it  To manually use this service
replace "" in  with "".

A developer can make the link display a thumbnail, embed videos directly with the link, or track the video’s analytics.

Christmas Time - Let your Keyboard lights celebrate too

on Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This is a cool trick to make the three small LEDs on your keyboard flash in a cool and rhythmic manner.

Open Notepad and paste the following on to it.

Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “{CAPSLOCK}”
wshshell.sendkeys “{NUMLOCK}”
wshshell.sendkeys “{SCROLLLOCK}”
Now save the file using the Save As option as CoolLights.vbs (anyname with an extension of vbs will work).  While saving do make sure that you select the "All Files" from the "Save As type"  in the save dialog box.

To stop the lights blinking in loop.   Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to bring in the Task Manager.  Go to processes, select wscript.exe and click on End Process.

Remove Genuine Windows Advantage (WGA Notification)

on Thursday, December 17, 2009

A file named wgatray.exe runs on your background to check whether your copy of Windows OS is genuine or not.  If you have installed a pirated OS or if you have entered a Serial Number which belongs to someone else, it detects it and flashes a screen on the right hand bottom of your page.  This can be very nagging because whatever you do, the little irritant continues to occupy your valuable screen area.

As I said earlier, killing wgatray.exe from the processes can temporarily remove this nagging screen.  But let me tell you that by doing this, you are skipping yourself valuable updates and patches from Microsoft.

Recover all your Google Passwords

on Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If you have stored your passwords when the browser had prompted you, you can recover all the Google passwords including GTalk, Picassa etc with a software.  The password  you thus saved are encrypted and is saved for future use.

GooglePasswordDecryptor is a software which comes to your help when you forget your password. The applications supported by this software are :-
  1. Google Talk
  2. Google Picassa
  3. Google Desktop Seach
  4. Gmail Notifier
  5. Internet Explorer (all versions from 4 to 8)
  6. Google Chrome
 The software goes through each of these application’s encrypted stores and decrypts this Google account password.  It can also show information about multiple accounts, if you have more than one account.  You can save the recovered usernames and passwords in plain text format or in html format.

Launch the software and click on Start Recovery to recover your lost passwords. 

You may ask that when Google's password recovery service is available, why should you be trying this software.  Google's service will only help you if you have another Google account, so that your password can be sent to that account.

This software recovers passwords for the logged on user only.

Repair Dead Cells on your LCD screen

Pixel Doctor is a utility I found on the internet which is very helpful in fixing the Dead cells on your LCD monitor.  It is very simple to use.  Just select a color and run the test. 

Be the most powerful user in Windows - The System

on Sunday, December 13, 2009

Many of us have probably thought that the Administrators are the most powerful users in the Windows Operating System.  We were wrong.  There is a user named "System" which has more powers than the Administrators.

Administrators are unable to end certain system processes, but System can kill all processes.  This can be seen from the processes tab in the Task Manager; wherein the username of many system processes is "SYSTEM".

Even if you have a guest account, I think if you are able to get two things i.e. Command prompt and Task Manager, you can hack into becoming a SYSTEM user.

Please note that this is purely for the purpose of education.  This should not be tried on any computer where you are not given permission to do so.  And, while I say, it works perfectly fine; I wont take any responsibility of any loss of data occurring as a result of experimenting with this.

Enough of frightening.  Let us move on.

1.   First check about the status of your account - the one with which you have logged in.  This can be done by clicking the start button.  You can see the name of the user account in the Start menu.

Check which websites are your programs accessing

on Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here is a small program which I found in the Internet.  It can sniff out URLs to which the programs installed in your computer connect when you click on update now (some does check for updates and internet automatically)

Open URL Snooper and activate the program you want to check on.  You will be provided with URLs of the sites they access.

Wireless networking without a Router

If you are running Windows 7 you can turn your PC into a Wi-fi hotspot by installing a small program called Virtual Router Manager.  Yes, you need to have wireless adapters on all the devices as well as on your computer for it to work.  This is especially good for people who have more than one computers at home and since internet connection can be enabled to both without using a router or switch.

Using it is very simple and just require a username and password.  Moreover the wireless connection is encrypted with WPA2 encryption.  The security of your connection depends on the complexity or length of your password.  The password/phrase is to be atleast 8 characters long.

Cool method to edit any Webpage

on Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some webpages may be very clumsy or disoriented.  And if you want to print only the topics that you are interested in or you want to save only what you want to see in future, there is a little trick to edit any webpages.  When I say editing, its just the page on your browser that you are editing; not the one in the sites webserver.  I am not sure about legal issues about editing webpages.  But here is the trick

1.   Open up the webpage you want to edit.

Hide the drives in My Computer

 Ah! At last I have found a little time for my favourite subject - Registry editing again.  Let me tell you about hiding all the drives in My Computers with a Registry edit.

1.  Go to Start ->Run->type regedit to open the Registry editor.
2.  Find the following key
3.  Right click on the panel on the right side of Registry Editor and create a DWORD item and name it "NoDrives" (without quotes).

How to get rid of _.ex-08.exe Trojan

on Saturday, December 5, 2009

A good friend of mine's computer is infected by _ex-08.exe trojan and asked me to help him remove it from the computer.

About _ex-08.exe  : Technical name Trojan/Dropper/Win-NV
It changes/deletes the wallpaper on your desktop. It can can spread by sending an email containing links to copies of itself, and it is capable of sending out email messages with the built-in SMTP client engine.

Now to delete it

1.   Go to Registry editor and find the following key

2.  Check for the key named PromoReg and delete it.

3.  Now try deleting the file named _ex-08.exe in your Temp folder under Windows.
If it is not allowing to be deleted you can use a software called unlocker.

Change/Hide your IP address

The method of changing your IP address depends on the nature of your IP address, i.e. whether your IP address is static or dynamic.

Static IP means that your IP address will be just yours and there is no one in the world with the address other than you.

Dynamic IP means that your IP address is allotted by a DHCP server.  Since the addresses are limited in IPv4, more Internet Service Providers (if not all) provides these types of service.

Now if you have a Dynamic IP, it is easy to have a new IP address with the following DOS commands.
1.   Go to Start->Run and then type cmd in the box and press enter.  You would be taken to the DOS prompt.

Google Chrome : Hidden Commands

Similar to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome also have some hidden commands which user can enter after an about: in the address bar.  Here is a small list of those commands.

about:memory : Command to analyze memory usage
about:dns        : Displays the DNS records, Prefetch time, Recent Resolution etc
about:crash     : This command displays the error message displayed by Chrome in the event of a website crash.

Christmas - Free Give away -WinX HD Video Converter

on Friday, December 4, 2009

WinX HD Video Converter is free from 01 Dec 09 to 15 Dec 09.  Go ahead and download your copy.

WinX HD Video Converter lets you convert your HD videos with virtually no loss from one format to another.  It has a very user friendly interface which can assist you to effortlessly convert HD videos mutually with no loss of image & sound quality, like MTS, M2TS, TS, HD MP4, MKV, HD WMV, and HD MOV, etc. It also lets you convert between HD videos and regular AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, etc.

The original price of the software is $39.95 and its here for free.  Download your copy from here


Automate deletion of Temp files in Vista

Let me show how you can automate the process of deletion of Temp files in Windows Vista.

Open notepad and type the following exactly as it is

cd C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local
rmdir /S /Q Temp
I guess your OS is installed in C drive.  If it is not then you should change the drive letter from the above command.

Save this file as a .bat file and give it some meaningful name like TempClean.bat.

After having saved the file, go to the startup folder and paste a shortcut of the file there.  And there you go.  Everytime the Windows boots up, your Temp files are automatically deleted.

For Windows XP, the code would be

Protect your USB drive from Trojan/Viruses

Now a days the main route taken by Trojan/Virus to get into your system and infect it is through the Autorun.inf file.

The virus writes its path to the Autorun.inf and when you double click the drive or when you plug in your USB drive and if your Autorun feature is enabled, the virus gets activated and invades your system.  These viruses can get help from Autorun.inf file present in root of each drive.

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