GMail Drive

on Monday, November 30, 2009

GMail drive is a Shell extension (an experimental tool) that creates virtual filesytem based on GMail allowing you to store and retrieve files from GMail.

Once installed, you can find a drive named GMail drive in Windows Explorer.  You can access the contents by login in.  Once you try to open the drive, a login message pops up and after you have entered your GMail address and password, you are taken to the virtual drive built around your account.

You can also drag and drop the files into the GMail drive.  When you create a new file in the GMail drive, an email is created and it appears in your email account and the attachment would be the file created by you.

GMail drive also checks your account at frequent intervals to find out whether any new mail has come or not.

The changes in GMail's service can affect this extension too.  So the author does not provide any guarantee for the files stored using Gmail drive to be available in future.

Check the software here

To uninstall the GMail drive, you can go to the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.
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