Windows Antivirus Pro

on Friday, October 2, 2009

Windows Antivirus Pro is a fake one and can trick people into paying them a lot of hard-earned money. I thought of writing this blog because one of my friend's computer also have been infected by it.

The process of Windows Antivirus Pro is as follows :-

It displays a message that your system is infected with viruses and malwares and inorder to delete them you may download Windows Antivirus Pro. The moment you accept their invitation, you have invited trouble... It keeps on annoying you by slowing down your system and by flashing the message to pay them so that they can help you to clean your system.. All's fake that starts fake....

Though it may be possible to remove the Windows Antivirus Pro manually, you may not be able to fully remove the associated files; thereby resulting in its regeneration. The best method is to download a free version of Malwarebytes from

This program can remove the Windows Antivirus Pro from your computer and aaahh,,,, its free as well....

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