Improve your Internet speed!!!

on Saturday, August 15, 2009

Though this wont improve give you a very big acceleration; you ll certainly notice the difference.

Let me first describe you how we interact with websites. Each website has its unique webaddress as well as an ip address. It is for our convenience that the system of webaddress has been given. Else remembering something like will be a little too hard..

When we type an address in the address bar, what our computer does is actually contact a DNS server. DNS server is responsible for converting the webaddress like to something like and pass it back to our computer. Our computer then sends the webpage request directly to (Imaginary web and ip address are used here).

So if we could map the ip address and web address of the webpages you visit frequently and tell it to the computer then the first step of communicating with the DNS server will not be required. So that means faster browsing...

Now how to do that...

First open the file called hosts in a notepad..
The location of the hosts file would be \\Windows\system32\drivers\etc
If you scroll down the file, you ll be able to see something like this localhost
Do not (R) do not delete the line... or any thing in it.
Now you can start adding ... After entering the mappings as shown below(Sites required by you may be different from these), save the hosts file. localhost

Now you have bypassed DNS server for transfer between these websites..

For getting the ip address of different websites, you may go to :

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