Add Photo to My Computer Properties

on Sunday, December 27, 2009

It is easy to change the OEM information and the picture in the My Computers -> Properties.  This is how we do it.

To change OEM information.

1.  Open notepad and copy the following into it.

Manufacturer=Any Content you like
[Support Information]
Line1=Any content you like
Line2=Any content you like
Line3=Any content you like
[You can type in anything after = sign]

Youtube launches URL shortener

on Friday, December 25, 2009

Google has launched URL shortener for youtube video links and has named it  To manually use this service
replace "" in  with "".

A developer can make the link display a thumbnail, embed videos directly with the link, or track the video’s analytics.

Christmas Time - Let your Keyboard lights celebrate too

on Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This is a cool trick to make the three small LEDs on your keyboard flash in a cool and rhythmic manner.

Open Notepad and paste the following on to it.

Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “{CAPSLOCK}”
wshshell.sendkeys “{NUMLOCK}”
wshshell.sendkeys “{SCROLLLOCK}”
Now save the file using the Save As option as CoolLights.vbs (anyname with an extension of vbs will work).  While saving do make sure that you select the "All Files" from the "Save As type"  in the save dialog box.

To stop the lights blinking in loop.   Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to bring in the Task Manager.  Go to processes, select wscript.exe and click on End Process.

Remove Genuine Windows Advantage (WGA Notification)

on Thursday, December 17, 2009

A file named wgatray.exe runs on your background to check whether your copy of Windows OS is genuine or not.  If you have installed a pirated OS or if you have entered a Serial Number which belongs to someone else, it detects it and flashes a screen on the right hand bottom of your page.  This can be very nagging because whatever you do, the little irritant continues to occupy your valuable screen area.

As I said earlier, killing wgatray.exe from the processes can temporarily remove this nagging screen.  But let me tell you that by doing this, you are skipping yourself valuable updates and patches from Microsoft.

Recover all your Google Passwords

on Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If you have stored your passwords when the browser had prompted you, you can recover all the Google passwords including GTalk, Picassa etc with a software.  The password  you thus saved are encrypted and is saved for future use.

GooglePasswordDecryptor is a software which comes to your help when you forget your password. The applications supported by this software are :-
  1. Google Talk
  2. Google Picassa
  3. Google Desktop Seach
  4. Gmail Notifier
  5. Internet Explorer (all versions from 4 to 8)
  6. Google Chrome
 The software goes through each of these application’s encrypted stores and decrypts this Google account password.  It can also show information about multiple accounts, if you have more than one account.  You can save the recovered usernames and passwords in plain text format or in html format.

Launch the software and click on Start Recovery to recover your lost passwords. 

You may ask that when Google's password recovery service is available, why should you be trying this software.  Google's service will only help you if you have another Google account, so that your password can be sent to that account.

This software recovers passwords for the logged on user only.

Repair Dead Cells on your LCD screen

Pixel Doctor is a utility I found on the internet which is very helpful in fixing the Dead cells on your LCD monitor.  It is very simple to use.  Just select a color and run the test. 

Be the most powerful user in Windows - The System

on Sunday, December 13, 2009

Many of us have probably thought that the Administrators are the most powerful users in the Windows Operating System.  We were wrong.  There is a user named "System" which has more powers than the Administrators.

Administrators are unable to end certain system processes, but System can kill all processes.  This can be seen from the processes tab in the Task Manager; wherein the username of many system processes is "SYSTEM".

Even if you have a guest account, I think if you are able to get two things i.e. Command prompt and Task Manager, you can hack into becoming a SYSTEM user.

Please note that this is purely for the purpose of education.  This should not be tried on any computer where you are not given permission to do so.  And, while I say, it works perfectly fine; I wont take any responsibility of any loss of data occurring as a result of experimenting with this.

Enough of frightening.  Let us move on.

1.   First check about the status of your account - the one with which you have logged in.  This can be done by clicking the start button.  You can see the name of the user account in the Start menu.

Check which websites are your programs accessing

on Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here is a small program which I found in the Internet.  It can sniff out URLs to which the programs installed in your computer connect when you click on update now (some does check for updates and internet automatically)

Open URL Snooper and activate the program you want to check on.  You will be provided with URLs of the sites they access.

Wireless networking without a Router

If you are running Windows 7 you can turn your PC into a Wi-fi hotspot by installing a small program called Virtual Router Manager.  Yes, you need to have wireless adapters on all the devices as well as on your computer for it to work.  This is especially good for people who have more than one computers at home and since internet connection can be enabled to both without using a router or switch.

Using it is very simple and just require a username and password.  Moreover the wireless connection is encrypted with WPA2 encryption.  The security of your connection depends on the complexity or length of your password.  The password/phrase is to be atleast 8 characters long.

Cool method to edit any Webpage

on Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some webpages may be very clumsy or disoriented.  And if you want to print only the topics that you are interested in or you want to save only what you want to see in future, there is a little trick to edit any webpages.  When I say editing, its just the page on your browser that you are editing; not the one in the sites webserver.  I am not sure about legal issues about editing webpages.  But here is the trick

1.   Open up the webpage you want to edit.

Hide the drives in My Computer

 Ah! At last I have found a little time for my favourite subject - Registry editing again.  Let me tell you about hiding all the drives in My Computers with a Registry edit.

1.  Go to Start ->Run->type regedit to open the Registry editor.
2.  Find the following key
3.  Right click on the panel on the right side of Registry Editor and create a DWORD item and name it "NoDrives" (without quotes).

How to get rid of _.ex-08.exe Trojan

on Saturday, December 5, 2009

A good friend of mine's computer is infected by _ex-08.exe trojan and asked me to help him remove it from the computer.

About _ex-08.exe  : Technical name Trojan/Dropper/Win-NV
It changes/deletes the wallpaper on your desktop. It can can spread by sending an email containing links to copies of itself, and it is capable of sending out email messages with the built-in SMTP client engine.

Now to delete it

1.   Go to Registry editor and find the following key

2.  Check for the key named PromoReg and delete it.

3.  Now try deleting the file named _ex-08.exe in your Temp folder under Windows.
If it is not allowing to be deleted you can use a software called unlocker.

Change/Hide your IP address

The method of changing your IP address depends on the nature of your IP address, i.e. whether your IP address is static or dynamic.

Static IP means that your IP address will be just yours and there is no one in the world with the address other than you.

Dynamic IP means that your IP address is allotted by a DHCP server.  Since the addresses are limited in IPv4, more Internet Service Providers (if not all) provides these types of service.

Now if you have a Dynamic IP, it is easy to have a new IP address with the following DOS commands.
1.   Go to Start->Run and then type cmd in the box and press enter.  You would be taken to the DOS prompt.

Google Chrome : Hidden Commands

Similar to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome also have some hidden commands which user can enter after an about: in the address bar.  Here is a small list of those commands.

about:memory : Command to analyze memory usage
about:dns        : Displays the DNS records, Prefetch time, Recent Resolution etc
about:crash     : This command displays the error message displayed by Chrome in the event of a website crash.

Christmas - Free Give away -WinX HD Video Converter

on Friday, December 4, 2009

WinX HD Video Converter is free from 01 Dec 09 to 15 Dec 09.  Go ahead and download your copy.

WinX HD Video Converter lets you convert your HD videos with virtually no loss from one format to another.  It has a very user friendly interface which can assist you to effortlessly convert HD videos mutually with no loss of image & sound quality, like MTS, M2TS, TS, HD MP4, MKV, HD WMV, and HD MOV, etc. It also lets you convert between HD videos and regular AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, etc.

The original price of the software is $39.95 and its here for free.  Download your copy from here


Automate deletion of Temp files in Vista

Let me show how you can automate the process of deletion of Temp files in Windows Vista.

Open notepad and type the following exactly as it is

cd C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local
rmdir /S /Q Temp
I guess your OS is installed in C drive.  If it is not then you should change the drive letter from the above command.

Save this file as a .bat file and give it some meaningful name like TempClean.bat.

After having saved the file, go to the startup folder and paste a shortcut of the file there.  And there you go.  Everytime the Windows boots up, your Temp files are automatically deleted.

For Windows XP, the code would be

Protect your USB drive from Trojan/Viruses

Now a days the main route taken by Trojan/Virus to get into your system and infect it is through the Autorun.inf file.

The virus writes its path to the Autorun.inf and when you double click the drive or when you plug in your USB drive and if your Autorun feature is enabled, the virus gets activated and invades your system.  These viruses can get help from Autorun.inf file present in root of each drive.

GMail Drive

on Monday, November 30, 2009

GMail drive is a Shell extension (an experimental tool) that creates virtual filesytem based on GMail allowing you to store and retrieve files from GMail.

Once installed, you can find a drive named GMail drive in Windows Explorer.  You can access the contents by login in.  Once you try to open the drive, a login message pops up and after you have entered your GMail address and password, you are taken to the virtual drive built around your account.

You can also drag and drop the files into the GMail drive.  When you create a new file in the GMail drive, an email is created and it appears in your email account and the attachment would be the file created by you.

How to Install Windows XP on pre-installed Vista

on Sunday, November 29, 2009

A friend of mine asked me whether Windows XP can be installed on a computer pre-installed with Windows Vista.  The answer is YES; but it is really time consuming and things can go wrong (Murphy's law) & you should be prepared for the toughest troubleshooting.  The main problem with the pre-installed PCs is that the company does not make any logical partitions.  They make the entire hard disk a single partition and then install OS over it.

Here is how we do it:

1.  Go to Computer Management under Administrative Tools in the Control Panel.

2.   Select the Disk Management under the Storage tab.
3.   Right click the existing partition C: and select "Shrink Volume".  Now the system will tell you choose values for the existing partition.  You can choose 10/20 GB or whatever you like; but never go for the default values.

Google Search Tips

on Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here is a small collection of Google search tips

1.   site: registry    -    Searches for registry within the site
2.   cache:  -    Searches Google's cache

Recover bookmarks from crashed Firefox

on Thursday, November 26, 2009

Here are the steps to recover bookmarks from a crashed Mozilla Firefox.

For version 2

1.   Navigate to the drive where you have installed Windows XP.
2.   Let me presume it to be in C drive for all the following steps.  Browse to the following folder
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles (%username% is the name with which you login to the computer)

Create PDF using Microsoft Office 2007

PDF  is one of the common and popular formats today.  You can save your files in PDF and XPS formats  using Microsoft Office 2007 by downloading and installing a small executable file from the Microsoft website.

Here is the link :
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Create your own font. is a free site which creates handwriting fonts.    

All you have to do is to download the font template from the site, print it out and write on it with your handwriting.  You will have to then scan the sheet  (in JPEG or PNG format, using 200 dpi or higher) and upload it to the website. Name the font as you like and they will give you your own personalised font for free.

Remember that the quality of the font depends on how you fill the font template.  Fill it as if there are four imaginary lines on them (as in the transcription books in schools).

Do let me know about your fonts.

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Ophcrack - Windows Password Cracker

on Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ophcrack is a free Windows Password Cracker which can be termed as the best password recovery software for Windows.  It is fast and easy to use for any user with minimum Windows skill.

Ophcrack is free
It can crack 99.9% of Windows Passwords
It just takes few minutes for the task
No need to install any software

How to do it?

Simplest way to check whether your SMPS is working

on Monday, November 23, 2009

Switch-mode power supply (SMPS) is the small unit behind the CPU tower which gives the power supply to the mother board and other devices in your computer.  If you see that your computer is not being powered on, you can suspect the failure of SMPS.  Ofcourse, there can be many other reasons.  But the most common fault would be with the SMPS.  Let me tell you how to check whether the SMPS is working or not.

Be away from harmful sites with WOT

on Sunday, November 22, 2009

WOT is a very good browser extension that all of us should have. WOT keeps you away from online scams like phishing, spyware, malware, identity theft etc.  It has currently indexed more than 24 lakhs websites as on date. Its actually a community based website rating site.  Whenever we browse to any of the harmful/reportedly harmful sites, WOT warns us that about the site with its statistics.  You can view the statistics of the site from WOT website.

It is compatible with IE & Mozilla.  I strongly recommend you to use it.

Disable Balloon tips

on Saturday, November 21, 2009

Balloon tips can sometimes be boring especially when you know what is going to be displayed.  Let me tell you how to disable these tips.

1.  Navigate through Start->Run->regedit to open Registry Editor.

2.  Once again navigate to
     You will find  the following keys in the right panel corresponding to the above location

Software to record any sound from your PC

I had earlier mentioned about Freecorder which is a browser-based audio grabbing tool. My friends and readers have told me that the program works good but it eats up their viewable space in the browser.

So, for all of you I am here with a software which can record any sound that you can hear from your PC. Its called MP3 MyMP3 Recorder. It is indeed a free software and it can save the audio in wav and mp3 formats.

Mozilla Addon for speeding up Non-broadband connection

on Friday, November 20, 2009

ImgLikeOpera is a small addon which blocks the images that appear in websites and make your non-broadband connection a little faster.

It places Placeholders where it has blocked images, thereby allowing you to view the image if you want to..

Delete any files and folders

Sometimes, due to virus activities, certain files and folders remain in your computer almost immune from the user. Whenever you try to delete the files/folders, Windows pops up a message telling it cannot delete the file/folder or Access to the file/folder is denied.

Many of such problems can be solved by using an Antivirus.

Record your online activities for free. is a site which provides you a free recording of your online activities.  Its free and easy to use.  You can embed the video anywhere you like.

Convert docx to doc online

on Sunday, November 15, 2009

In Microsoft Word 2007, the default extension of a document is docx.  If you have a pre 2007 Microsoft Office installed on your PC, you will not be able to read it unless it is converted into a doc format. is one of the site which I found recently on the internet that does this action for you free of cost.  You will have to upload your docx file to and they will mail you the converted doc file to your email address.

Apart from the doc format, gives you a wide range of extension to be converted to

Give it a try at
Alternatively you can also visit

Print Web Pages with ease

Its sometimes really tiresome to print webpages with flash and other animations.  You will probably end up having wasted many pages. is a website wherein you can enter the URL of the webpage you want to get printed and click on start.
The following page will display a variety of options for printing. is free and it saves your money and the environment as well..

Give it a try at

How to grab Audio files from various streaming sites

Freecorder is a browser-based audio recorder software and its free.  Yes, its toolbar does make your browser a bit cluttery. But its worth taking.

Freecorder can record everything that you can hear from your PC speaker.  It can record from your Microphone and it can extract audio from video files.

You need to just click on the record button to begin capturing audio files.
Its only 2 MB.

Safely Remove your USB drive !

on Saturday, November 14, 2009

Every one of us use USB drives... And after you have done with that, you ll have to click on the  system tray and then safely remove the USB.  Let me tell you how to create a shortcut to remove the USB drive.

1.   Right click the desktop and navigate:: New -> Shortcut

Delete all files in a folder quickly

on Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let me show you a cool way of having an option to delete all files in a folder in the right click menu...

This will not remove your folder but only the contents inside it...

Here is how we do it...

1. Start->Run->regedit
2. Browse to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Shell

Windows 7

Windows 7 has come... Microsoft has announced great features that makes Windows 7 a lot more user friendly and capable than Windows XP.

The cost of Windows 7 if you are upgrading from Windows XP/Vista will be around Rs 7000/-

And the full retail version of Windows 7 Professional will be around Rs. 12000/-

If you plan to upgrade your computer to Windows 7, do check out the Windows 7 Compatible Centre by clicking here.

Another option is to download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor which is about 8.3 MB and scan your Computer for testing Windows 7 compatibility.

Delete Recycle Bin!!

on Saturday, November 7, 2009

If you dont want to store your deleted files in the Recycle Bin; you can totally remove the Recycle Bin icon from your desktop.

How to do that...

1. Start->Run->regedit

Remove shortcut arrows from Desktop icons

This trick will not make your OS more faster or useful. But the shortcuts which you have placed on your desktop will appear as if they are real files pasted there are not shortcuts...

How to do it:-

Extracting images from pdf files

I just want to share with you a small utility which allows you to extract images from pdf files and can save them in jpeg, tiff, png, bmp and tga formats. This software can extract pictures from password protected pdfs also.

Skype Call Recorder!

I need not tell you anything about Skype. Skype is a free software which allows you to make telephone calls over the internet. Its not limited to that... Video calls and best sound clarity are few of the other advantages. So what if you want to record your conversations and store it in mp3 format?

Edit "Send To" Menu in WIndows XP!

The Send To sub menu in the right click menu enables you to move a certain file or folder to any one of the destinations included in it. Typically the Send To menu has the following items:-

Compressed (zipped) Folder
Desktop (Create shortcut)
Mail Recipient
My Documents
3 1/2 Floppy (A:)
CD Drive

You can further add the following items to the Send To menu

Drives (Local or Network)
Windows based programs
Printers etc..

This is how we do it...

FlashBlock : Another great firefox addon!

Flash animations are all over the web. Many at times they are very much annoying. They do eat up a major share of your bandwidth as well as your download limit (If you are having a limited Internet connection)

This cool addon lets you block all the flash animations that appear in a website.
What if you want to see the animation? FlashBlock leaves a placeholder over the blocked animations and if you want to see them, just click on them.

FlashBlock currently supports Macromedia Flash, Shockwave and Authorware.

Trouble with the Right click menu!!

This post is for a good friend of mine who told me that while right clicking drives, the first option in the right click menu he gets is "Search". He wanted to revert that back to "Open" . This is how we do it...

Browse to the following key


Now set the value of Default in the right hand pane to "none" (without quotes).

Broadband Scheduler!

on Friday, November 6, 2009

Broadband Scheduler is a free software which enables the broadband internet connection at a user defined time. It can also disconnect the connection as per the timings specified by the user. Another advantage of this software is that it lets you load any one program automatically when it connects to the internet.

This is particularly helpful for those who have a limited broadband connection and have happy hours i.e., free download timings. So that you can keep the computer on and define the time using the Broadband Scheduler. You can also start your download managers or P2P programs at the same time.

Sorry ! A few issues with PhotoBucket!!!

on Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My blog has some issues with PhotoBucket, the photo uploading site...

I will be rolling down this blog today evening and then, I hope by tommorrow morning, I will have every issues sorted out...

Thank you friends...

Increase Recording time of Windows Sound Recorder!!

on Monday, November 2, 2009

Windows Sound Recorder is a small utility provided by the Microsoft along with Windows that can record sounds for a maximum time of 60 seconds. So, for recording more than a minute, you ll have to use third party softwares??? Wait... we can make the Sound Recorder record more than one minute! Just follow the following steps....

1. Click Start -> Program -> Accessories ->Entertainment -> Sound Recorder.

2. Click on record and let the program record for one minute.

3. After it has finished recording, save the file. lets say that we save it as "C:\Time.wav"

4. Now on Sound Recorder, Click Edit -> Insert File and insert the file you have just saved. For us its "C:\Time.wav". Now notice the time in the right hand side of the Sound Recorder; It has moved from 60 seconds to 120 seconds. Insert the same file again and again till you have the desired time length.

Enhance your power of Googling with GoogleEnhancer!!

on Sunday, November 1, 2009

Are you using Firefox? And do you like to enhance the Google results by adding favicons, keyword highlighting and options like Search by date, Search by language and Search by file-type? Here is a firefox plugin called GoogleEnhancer to do all these for you...

Watch Videos in ScreenSaver!!!

I just want to share some information I got while surfing the other day... Have you ever thought about viewing clippings from your favourite movies as the Screensaver?

Yes! everyone is bored with those picture Screensaver!!!..

Change the Default location of My Documents!

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your valuable files you store in the My Documents folder in case of an OS crash??? There are chances that you lose them pretty quickly...

It is always better to save your files; especially important ones, in a location which is different from the partition where your Windows is installed. It is easy to do.. There are two ways of doing that... One a very simple method, the other a registry edit..

I shall describe to you about the easiest one...

Suppose your Windows is installed in your C drive and you want your My Documents to be shifted to a folder in D drive... Lets give the folder a name... "DocDuplicate" (this can be any thing you like...)

1. Right click My Documents icon in the desktop and click Properties..

Find Invisible friends : Yahoo Messenger

on Monday, October 26, 2009

Some of your friends may be actually made themselves invisible in the Yahoo Messenger. It will appear as if they are really offline. So do you want to check their real status??.

Faster Shutdown for you Computer!

on Sunday, October 25, 2009

I had long ago heard about a faster shutdown shortcut, but had not experimented with it.

Now I say.... Just try it.. You ll surely like it..

Follow the following lines ..

1. On your desktop, right click and create a new shortcut.

2. In the "Type the location of the item" paste "shutdown.exe -s -t 00" (without quotes) and click next.

SkipScreen : Bypass Waiting Time in Rapidshare/ZShare/Megaupload

Most of the popular downloading sites like the Rapidshare, have this annoying set of timers built in. You'll have to generally wait for a download to start unless you have a Premium Account which costs you money....

So what??? Geniuses are all over the world. Here is a small plugin for Mozilla Firefox. Its actually some 25 KB. Install it and its worth a try!!!

Click here to get the SkipScreen plugin.

Watch Network Cameras online via Google

This may sound surprising for many!! But its a fact.. You can very well watch numerous Network Cameras around the world with Google.....

Watch videos of offices, streets and other private and public cameras in the internet... To watch them, paste any of the following lines in to Google's search box...

Easter Egg : Car game in MS Excel

on Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do you know that there is a hidden car game in MS Excel? To play it follow the following steps:-

1. Open MS Excel.

2. Click on File and Save As Webpage .

3. Check the box saying "Add interactivity with" and then click publish.

4. Exit MS Excel.

Fiama Di Wills : Send free gift hamper to your friends and relatives!!!

on Friday, October 23, 2009

Fiama Di Wills is giving you a great opportunity for sending free gift hamper to your friends and relatives. All you need to do is the following :-

1. Go to (click on the link to get there).

2. Click on the send a hamper tab on the top right hand corner.

3. You ll be asked to enter your friends name, his email address, your name, your email address, etc....

4. Submit the form and your friend gets the link to the gift hamper in his/her inbox...


Lockerz - Another great site!!!

Lockerz is a web site where you can shop, play, earn points and redeem the points into free gifts. The gifts range from wall papers to ipods, laptops and more...

I shall tell you the method to earn those things...

1. You will have to get invited to join Lockerz. Though they also have an option for sending in invitation directly from their site; they have not still activated it.

2. You get 2 Lockerz Points (PTZ) on logging in daily in their site.

3. There will be daily questions which are very simple. Most of them does not have a right or wrong answer. You get PTZ for that too...

3. Invite friends... On every friend of yours, accepting your invitation will fetch you 2 PTZ. Once you have 20 of your friends joined the site, you will be in the Z list, which means you ll double every points you get. For example, you ll get 4 PTZ on logging in once you get in to the Z list. Once you reach the Z list, you ll get a free Tshirt too...

The company is legal, having trademark for the brand.

If you need Lockerz invitation, you can send a request to I shall send it as soon as I receive your request.

How to download videos from Youtube

on Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Youtube is a very popular video hosting site. The easy to search design of Youtube makes it more simple to use...

So what if you see a video in Youtube and you want it to be downloaded into your computer so that you can watch it over and over.

There are many ways of doing it.. I am going to tell you about the simplest way of doing it.

Renaming My Computer!!

Ever tried to rename My Computer? The computer will just wont let you do that... But there is a little Registry hack to do that...

1. Go to start -> Run -> Regedit to open up the Registry editor.

2. Browse to the following key

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